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Our Mission Statement

To make beautiful engineering accessible and useful for those who create communities and promote public welfare.

Our Values

01Mission First

We as Blueprint members ultimately unify under one goal - achieving our mission. We place the interests of the people and partners we serve above our own. Our primary measure of success is the amount of positive impact we create through our work

02Perpetual Growth

We as Blueprint members value the academic, social, and personal growth of our peers. We constantly seek to perpetuate the cycle of learning and teaching, for our benefit and for others. We strive to offer a helping hand in times of need and push each other to succeed.

03Cherish Culture

We as Blueprint members seek to cherish our time spent together. We develop meaningful relationships that extend well beyond the scope of the organization. We value each other as individuals and appreciate our differences.


We as Blueprint members recognize that change is both inevitable and necessary. We are committed to innovate and emphasize effective solutions as needed in order to remain relevant - nothing is sacred. We welcome new ideas and diverse thinking.

05Stay Humble

We as Blueprint members strive to remain humble, accept our imperfections, and be receptive to feedback. We approach challenges with an open mind and remember that anyone can pursue social good, not just Blueprint.

Meet the Team




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VP Marketing


VP Internal


VP Sponsorships


UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley founded the first Blueprint chapter. Now Blueprint is on its way to becoming a national nonprofit organization. Stay tuned for updates!

UW Blueprint

Blueprint at the University of Waterloo is the second chapter, founded in 2015.